Web application and software development from Switzerland. Meaningful minimalism for maximum efficiency. Ask one of our 4‘500+ active CashCtrl users.

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Meaningful minimalism

We question the functionality of the software, go back to the basics and determine the benefit for the user before we develop it. «More features» is not automatically better, more is simply more at first.

Technology and the user

We all deal with a lot of technology, that's why our focus lies on developing simple products. Because efficiency is made out of usability, clarity, accessibility and functionality.

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Responsive websites

According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS) over 60% of internet users in 2014 used a mobile device to surf the web (source). In 2016 this number will likely be higher. For us, this means that we will always design websites to look perfect on phones, tablets as well as desktop computers. The website should also be easy to maintain. For you, it means that you can communicate better with your customers and provide information on the go.

  • Technologies we use: Java, PHP, HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SaSS

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Content management

We want you to be independent, that's why we use a CMS for all of our website implementations, with which you can manage the contents of your website completely on your own. We regard the open source system Concrete5 as exceptionally user friendly. You can make changes directly on the website itself instead of inside a backend – what you see is what you get. Our customized PDF documentation supports your work and helps e.g. in the event of a change of personnel.

  • We bet on Concrete5, the mighty open-source CMS

Software development

With Repix you get a partner with plenty of know-how and experience in the software business. We develop personalized software and web apps to your specification. Usability is our main goal. Software must be intuitive and efficient, the user interface clear and user friendly. We continue to learn in this area, and from daily interactions with some of our over 10'000 registered CashCtrl users.

We demand the highest standards from ourselves and are only satisfied when the finished product is absolutely stable. After all, software should optimize processes and save time.

  • Technologies we use: Java, Tomcat, JPA, SQL, ExtJS, REST

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