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CashCtrl, our free online accounting software for SME, accountants and freelancers. Many functions are packed into a clear and user friendly interface.

The idea for CashCtrl came right before the founding of our Ltd. company. At that time we were looking for accounting software, but we didn't find any that would fit our requirements. So, we decided to develop our own and release it as a product. This way, we could do the accounting, maintain contacts and write invoices together.

The main focus was on the user interface as well as online collaboration. The interface should look and feel like software on your home pc, and should be easy to handle. Most of the features are free, and none of them are limited. With a PRO account, you have even more possibilities. You can use multiple currencies, manage multiple organizations in one account, have multiple users and roles and send invoices to your clients directly from the application. All of our users can send us suggestions and feedback anytime.


CashCtrl is being developed and extended continuously. On the CashCtrl website we have a roadmap for anyone who is interested in following our plans.

The direct communication with our users is very inspiring and we try to honor every request. Ideas that are widely supported will most likely be implemented. That's how users can influence the software, and CashCtrl grows together with them.

I've read enough, onward to CashCtrl!